Historical Contest

Hello everyone,

Medd and members of the French Thief Forum Ariane have opened a new Thief 2 FM contest named "The Historical Contest". The purpose of this contest is to have fun with creating and playing Fan-Missions a little more.

The building area of the FM is restricted up to 1500000 cubic Dromed units. The mission should be in English and may have other translations.

The mission should be the most realistic as much as possible, you should avoid anachronisms and mixing styles. Choose one of the defined styles in the notes and in 1/ (Ancient/Modern).

Your mission should be very accurate in the detail drawings and the atmosphere according to the style you choose. Make an esthetical pleasing FM, it will be appreciated though it’s not the first goal of this contest.

You have five and a half months to create your FM (Build time : 5 ½ months) (See “How to enter the contest” lower section)

Now it’s up to you, be creative and original.


Note : Points are staggered half by half. For instance : a criterion based on 5 points, you can give : 0 / 0,5 / 1 / 1,5 / 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 4,5 / 5.

I - Compulsory Criteria

0 - FM Size must meet asked requirements :
The mission must fit in a big square of 1500000 cubic Dromed units max. For instance, it can be 10 boxes of 60*50*50.
If the FM size is exceeded, one point will be removed on each vote ; the total points will be done by the Contest organizers.

1 - Chosen Style must be accurate : (5 points)
  • Ancient (Antiquity, Middle-Age, Renaissance…)
  • Modern (Art Deco, Industrial Revolution…)

  • >> See the exact styles description in notes.

    The main point here concerns the overall FM, the first impressions and the general feeling the player has.
  • Appropriate textures, objects, characters used accordingly to the chosen style
  • Coherent and detailed world creation. The player will see exactly what kind of style it is.

  • 2 - Design Building : (5 points)
    Realism and aesthetics :
  • Realistic architecture : (1 point)
    this is about realistic constructions that would be reliable in real life and correctly aligned and logical textures.
  • Design details relevant with the chosen style : (2 points)
    points will be given according to the architecture exactness and to relevant architectural items of the chosen style.
  • Lights and shadows, pay attention to aesthetic real effects : (2 points)
    no light without a visible light source, lamp, window, moon, etc. No artificial shadows.

  • 3 - Sound Atmosphere : (5 points)
  • Appropriate ambient music according to the chosen style. (2.5 points)
  • Realistic ambient sounds : means no sound (ambient sound) without a visible sound origin. (2.5 points)

  • 4 - Outline plot : (5 points)
  • The plot should be original, elaborate, rational and set with the chosen style.

  • II - Extra criteria :

    Use of elements that are not in the DromEd pack or the DromEd Deluxe pack :
  • Custom texture, objects and characters
  • Custom music, ambient sounds
  • Custom menu

  • 1 - You add some elements to your mission (textures, objects,etc.) that you have found in various packs, in other DromEd websites, or elements coming from other FMs with the author’s permission. (1 point)

    2 - You add new elements specially created by yourself or someone else for this FM. (2 points)

    Warning : In the Darkloader mission briefing and text (The *.txt in the zip), you have to indicate where you found those new objects, characters, textures, music and menu. Write precisely if the items were especially created by you or someone else.

    Note for voters : Voters will give extra points sparingly, only half point. Do not give 2 points for the bonus criteria 2- to someone who only has created one or two custom textures. You have to reward an author who creates a truly genuine mission, someone who worked hard on his/her project.

    How to enter the contest

    The contest takes place from March, 15th through September, 1st 2008.

  • Create your FM, name it.
  • Do not write your name in the Zip! Your FM must remain anonymous for the players until the end of the contest.
  • Upload your FM on a website such as : rapidshare, megaupload, etc. or your personal hosting web space.
  • Write an e-mail including :
    - the download link to your FM
    - Its title
    - Your name or usual nickname
  • Send this e-mail to this address ariane.contest@free.fr before September, 1st 2008.

  • Only one person will check this e-mail account and will set a secret list of the people taking part. He/She will make the FMs available to the players.
    The players will have two months to play and vote for their favourite FM.
    The results will be released at the beginning of november.


    The styles are rather large so you can create whatever you want easily.

    If you choose The Ancient Style, you cannot use :
  • Electric lights
  • Mechanists, robots, blue-dressed milicians
  • Artdeco, artdmisc, mech, newmech, mine textures and “factory” bricks
  • Industrial objects (even the red buttons and levers), pipes, machines, big metal doors, elevators, metal design items, metal furniture.

  • In fact, you cannot use textures, AIs and objects concerning :
  • Mines
  • Factory, industry
  • Electricity
  • Art Deco design
  • Mechanists

  • If you choose The Modern Style, you cannot use :
  • Torches and candles
  • Hammers, Pagans, Zombies, Haunts and other ghosts, soldiers that are not dressed in blue, Constantine’s monsters, Lost City’s monsters
  • Crypt and catacombs textures, Lost City, Bafford, Ramirez and Constantine textures. Middle-aged City textures, ruined textures.
  • Items relevant to those designs.

  • In fact, you cannot use textures, AIs and objects concerning :
  • Pagans and Hammers
  • Catacombs
  • Woodsie Lord
  • Lost City
  • Middle-Aged City
  • What you can use whatever the style :
  • “Victorian” textures and objects (Manor insides and white bank walls)
  • Country-style or rustic-style furniture
  • Gaz lamps
  • Servants and nobles
  • “Nature” textures, objects, monsters, spiders, tree beasts, monkeys
  • “Sewer” objects and textures
  • You can use magic objects and characters in both styles as long as it fits the style atmosphere.